A word picture might describe it this way:

Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the                         until the times of the

           are  are fulfilled.
     and half a time
getting ready for the
Are You A Descendant
of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade?
  • If so, you are:  the generational progeny of the ancient Hebrews;
    most likely, of one of the tribes inhabiting Jerusalem at the time of its
    destruction by Rome - Judah, Levi, or Benjamin. The Hebrews descended
    from Noah's son Shem.
  • What you are not: A Hamitic Black African (of Egyptian, Ethiopian,
    Libyan origin) Arab, Philistine, or "an original Asiatic Black man."
  • How can you know you are not a Hamitic Black African (of
    Egyptian, Ethiopian, Libyan origin) Arab, Philistine, or "an original
    Asiatic Black man?"

Because just prior to his arrest and crucifixion, Jesus prophesied to the people of
Judah (called 'the Jews' in the New Testament gospels) that Jerusalem would be
besieged, and the people killed with the sword
and carried away captive unto
all nations
. This dovetailed with a prophetic word Moses gave their ancestors over
a thousand years earlier that in the latter days they would be taken again into
Egypt (the house of bondage) *BY SHIPS* and there be sold as slaves with a yoke
of iron around their neck in the land of their enemies.
This prophecy was never
made to Egyptians, Ethiopians, Libyans, Arabs, Philistines, or "the
original Asiatic Black man" - which incidentally, is just one more ruse
in the historical deception to mislead us about who we are as a people.
  • If I am not a Hamitic Black African (of Egyptian, Ethiopian, Libyan
    origin) Arab, Philistine, or "the original Asiatic Black man"; and a
    generational descendant of the original Hebrews, who are the people in
    the land comprising the modern day state of Israel??

Answer:  Gentiles.
True Judah:
the short
  • How can I know they are Gentiles? They say they are "Jews" and all
    the world seems to agree.

By looking at scripture
. Because at the same time Jesus prophesied to the people
of Judah that Jerusalem would be besieged and the people killed with the sword and
carried away captive unto all nations, he told them that
Jerusalem would be
trodden (trampled) down
of the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles
were fulfilled
. This dovetailed with numerous warnings from the Old Covenant
prophets that God was going to uproot Israel from the land for continual
disobedience and scatter them to the four winds (four cardinal directions); though
he would remember his covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and regather
them at the end of days.
The True Israel can't be repatriated until the end of
this age and the physical return of their Kinsman-Redeemer, Christ Jesus

In 1948, European Gentiles descended from an ancient people of Magog through
Noah's son Japheth moved by force and world assent into the land covenanted to
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
God never made a covenant with the Gentile sons
of Japheth
, and Japheth's descendants had never been scattered out of the land
under divine punishment, because
they had never resided there in the first
. The hybrid doctrine formed by combining select portions of the Mosaic law
with oral tradition-so popular among those of our ancestors who rejected Christ-
eventually became the state religion for a 8th century A.D. pagan people who wanted
to be neither Christian or Islamic. Over subsequent centuries, the descendants of
these people spread into Russia, Europe, and the West. Under the cloak of Judaic
identity, they were able to convince the world (except for most Arabic and African
nations) that they were the covenant people of the Old Testament.

Most if not all Western Christian churches suspended discernment and assisted this
fallacy with unwavering support and allegiance.
This in spite of the fact that
the Old Testament clearly heralds the New Covenant sealed by the shed
blood of Christ-the final Passover and end of the law of righteousness to
everyone who believes on him and repents. And the clear teaching of Jesus
himself that Jerusalem would be trodden down of the Gentiles until the
times of the Gentiles were fulfilled.
The Talmudic teachings of Judaism vilify
and revile this Prophet Moses said would be raised up to us from among our own
the Lord Jesus Christ. Judaics have no use or reverence for Him.
  • How are the Judaics able to remain in the land covenanted to
    Abraham the Hebrew, and his descendants through Isaac and Jacob?
    And how is the church of Rome able to set up an official presence
Because they are Gentiles, and we are living in what the Bible calls the
times of the Gentiles
. We have been living in the times of the Gentiles since the
victory of Alexander the Great when the Persian hold was broken over Israel and
The time of the Gentiles runs all the way out to the end of this
present age and the bodily return of The Lord Jesus Christ
, the Alpha and
Omega, Redeemer of Israel, and Savior of the Body-the congregation of saints
purchased with his blood and sealed with the Holy Ghost. After the tribulation of
those final days, time will be divinely reset, and a thousand years of peace and
righteousness will begin with Christ as rightful world ruler enthroned in a
cleansed Jerusalem that has been rebuilt from the ground up.
  • Where am I now, then?
Egypt the House of Bondage aka Great Babylon. The name "Babylon" comes
from the ancient Chaldean word Babel, and literally means confusion, and to mix
and overflow. In the Greek translation, it denotes a type of tyranny. In the time we
presently live in, Babylon is an amalgamation of all these things.

Micah chapter 4 verse 10 foretells a time we would go into Babylon, which the
Lord would eventually redeem us from. This is not referring to our ancestors' exile
to Babylon when the kings of Judah were conquered by Nebuchadnezzar, because
the subsequent Persian kings eventually decreed the people could voluntarily
return to rebuild and repatriate Jerusalem. No violent confrontational force had to
physically intervene to enable them to leave Babylon.

Micah's prophecy also alludes to a time in the last days when many nations will
look at us as a people and judge us morally unfit and as an object of despising.
According to the word given to Micah, it will be at Babylon where God delivers us
and redeems us from the hand of the enemy. We know this redemption must take
place at the end of days because God states in that day He will execute vengeance in
anger and fury upon the Gentile nations for their disobedience.
  • So what does God want from me now? Slavery is over.

Slavery may have stopped, but we are still in the land of our enemies. Therefore,
we should not expect that the continual hatred, despising, sabotage, and
inequitable justice system will change. Further, we have been so long a time in
hostile foreign territory that we have assimilated and become conditioned to
committing many of the same idolatries and laissez-faire attitude toward God
characteristic of the Gentiles. We have also tried to adopt the same strategies and
techniques the Gentiles use, in order to obtain resolution for issues that affect us.

The Gentiles' methods for obtaining change work precisely because they are
and not under divine chastisement. The same methods in our hands
either fail miserably or if successful, are ultimately undermined to provide lift to
competing interests. We are going about everything in the wrong way, and God is
trying to get our attention to the obvious. It is not about making life in the
Captivity easier and getting wicked Babylon and the other nations to
acknowledge us as a people.

We have it twisted.

We are here because
our forefathers failed to acknowledge God, and the
Prophet he ultimately raised up to them from among their own
brethren-the Lord Jesus Christ
. God wants us to acknowledge that
transgression. He wants us to repent, and bury our old unregenerate man in
baptism, calling upon the name of Jesus for forgiveness of our sins. He wants us
to be filled with the Holy Ghost as ordained by Christ to the disciples and
manifested on the Pentecost following Christ's resurrection. He wants us to
bring forth much fruit of His Spirit, love Him with all our heart, be salt and
light in this dark world, love our neighbor as ourself, and desire the
establishment of His kingdom with such fervor that we petition the return of his
Son with cries of, "Blessed is He that cometh in the name of Lord!"
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