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getting ready for the
Here I hope to impart additional insight into three entities that influence a correct
understanding of Biblical prophecy. A lack of knowledge on our part, in the body of Christ,
and the Western world in general has contributed to a gross misunderstanding of the times
we are in, and the key players involved. But the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy,
and by the leading of the Holy Ghost who guides us into all truth, we can connect dots of
scripture and history and dismantle three deceptions that have plagued our age.
  • We - descendants of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, have not known we are
    genealogically linked to the Biblical Hebrews.

  • Most of the white Western church (and Western population at large) has been convinced
    by repetition, rhetoric, media productions and political persuasion that the Judaics who
    migrated to Palestine in 1948 are the historical descendants of the Biblical Hebrews.

  • Many of our people who correctly understand the Captivity prophecies and embrace
    their Hebrew identity (understanding that Negro=Hebrew/Hebrew=Negro) struggle
    with accepting Christ, his New Covenant, and his Body: the Ecclesia-the called out ones.

Understanding of our identity has been veiled for most of the four-hundred plus years we have
resided in the Americas, but the comprehension of who we are is steadily gaining traction.
This is due largely to the efforts of diverse Hebrew Israelite camps and their ability to
leverage alternative media resources such as YouTube and social media. I believe God
permitted this spiritual veil so that the focus could be on our Kinsman-Redeemer as the Way,
the Truth, the  Life, and the only way to the Father - rather than on identity - which if not
put in proper perspective brings pride and contention.

But for most of Israel carried away east out of Africa by the Islamics centuries before the
Trans-Atlantic slave trade brought our forebears West, there is no recognition of identity or
understanding of Biblical history to give them hope for a Kinsman-Redeemer. The lands they
were scattered to -such as Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and India-are traditionally polytheistic or
Islamic. The ability in the West to easily access the Old and New Testament scriptures has
made it much easier for Hebrew descendants in Great Britain, the Americas, and the West
Indies to gain insight into their identity.

The reaction of the general public to this revelation of the genealogical descendants of the
Abrahamic Covenant varies from an embarrassed hush to angry denial and accusation of
"anti-Semitic" - a rhetorical term itself, since there is no such thing as "Semitic"...the term is
Shemitic, from Abraham's forefather Shem, who lived both before and after the great
Noahic Flood.
However, there are bits and pieces revealed here and there, such as the twelve apostles confirmed
to sit on twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel. That when we stand before God's
presence it will be with exceeding joy. That all tears will be wiped away. The ability to eat from
the tree of life in the midst of the paradise of God. A crown of life and immunity from the second
death. The ability to eat of the hidden manna and gifting of the white stone with the name
written that no man knows but the recipient. Power over the nations and the morning star. To
wear the white linen of righteousness and have your name archived in the Book of Life. To be a
pillar in the temple of God and have the name of God, the name of the city of God, and Christ's
new name written upon you.
These are exceeding great and precious promises...and all the
promises of God are yea and amen!
What the saints are involved in during the age to come apart from ruling and reigning with
Christ is not entirely revealed, except to know that they are simultaneously in service to God
and yet in eternal Sabbath resting from their labors. The beauty and exhilaration of it cannot
be described because eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of
man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. Meaning that it is impossible
to comprehend in these temples of clay.
For the Hebrew Israelite camps, it is dangerous to shun the saving gospel of the Kingdom and
just trust to be included in the regathering of scattered Israel, for he that knoweth to do good
and doeth it not-to him it is sin.
If we know Christ is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah
and He declared He alone is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, it is our solemn
duty to repent, follow Him in baptism, and seek God for the infilling of the Holy
. From there starts the process of sanctification, growing in grace, and preaching the
good news of the kingdom. There is no time or call for berating those who have placed their
faith in Christ -
to their own master they stand or fall. We only have time to walk
humbly with our God and keep ourselves unspotted from the world...working out our own
salvation with fear and trembling. God will write His laws on the hearts of those he regathers
so they cannot sin against Him again.
But for us - he has commanded that we voluntarily
hide his word in our heart
, crucify our flesh, and be filled with and led by his Spirit.
The main difference between these two groups is that the saints - the Body and Bride of Christ,
along with the Old Testament righteous, have obtained the
high calling in Christ Jesus -to
rule and reign
with Him. They obtained this premium status because they  
participated in the fellowship of his sufferings
. Repatriated people will enjoy Edenic
longevity and delightful abundance on the earth, marrying, with families and children and
being able to enjoy the works of their hands and the fruits of their labor. But the saints of the  
ages will receive glorified, heavenly bodies that are incorruptible bone and flesh and can move
seamlessly between the dimensions. We shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.
Paul tells us in Romans Chapter 2 verse 29 that he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and
circumcision is that which is of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the letter; and his praise is not
from men, but from God." Through the death and resurrection of Christ, God has opened a new
and living way, whereby distinctions are erased: no circumcised or uncircumcised, barbarian,
Scythian, slave or free...neither Jew nor Greek...neither male nor female: for ye are all one in
Christ Jesus...And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the
promise...because now by repentance and faith, the Gentiles can be grafted in to the
Commonwealth of Israel.
To start, Abraham the Shemite holds the distinction in the Bible as the father of the Hebrews -
he was actually referred to as "
Abraham the Hebrew." It was the Hebrews who went into
captivity in Egypt, and Hebrews to whom Moses prophesied they would
return to Egypt in
the latter days by ships
under divine judgment for idolatry. We are the only people who fit
this prophecy of an institutionalized bondage conducted by ships in the latter days.
The descendants of the people who cannot truly call themselves Shemitic, play sem*antics by
dropping the 'h', but they were never called into covenant with God, and in truth are Gentiles
descended from Noah's son Japheth.

These Gentile proselytes have adopted the Old Covenant that was abolished with the death of
the final Passover Lamb -the Lord Jesus Christ, and mixed it with their oral tradition down
through the centuries.
This is the same thing our forebears in Jerusalem who rejected
Christ did: they continued to cleave to the Old Covenant
, although the veil had been
ripped when Christ cried out, "It is finished!" before he relinquished his spirit; signifying the
way in to the Holy of Holies was opened by the blood of the New and Living Covenant.
Also be aware that centuries before the advent of Christ, many of Judah chose to remain in
the comfort of Babylon even after Cyrus gave the order that they could return and rebuild
Jerusalem. The descendants of these idolaters never encountered their Kinsman-Redeemer,
yet continued to identify themselves as of Judah,  all while mixing oral tradition and the
paganism of their surroundings with their distortion of the Mosaic Law.
It was the descendants of these reprobates that were brought north to the region around the
Caspian Sea to the ancient pagan Gentile kingdom of Khazaria to 'teach the inhabitants the
'ways of Judah,'
as the Khazars - though a powerful people -were unable to stave off the
militant approach of Roman Christianity from the West, or the equally implacable Islamic
hordes from the East. Cleverly adopting the (now defunct) 'religion of Moses' which by
default linked them to ancestry from Abraham enabled them to retain their sovereignty; as
the Biblical patriarchs were respected by both Christianity and Islam.
As their kingdom began to wane around 1100 A.D., the Khazarian peoples migrated further
west into Europe and north into Russia-always maintaining a strict identity as 'Jews', while
continuing to add their interpretations and reinterpretations to the Old Testament scriptures.
Over time, their "rabbinic interpretations" began to take precedence over the scriptures
themselves. The pride of man also rose to the fore as the rabbis began to teach that they and the
people were 'chosen of God' and the rest of the world were Gentiles and heathen; as low as
animals (when they themselves were Gentiles!), so that defrauding, murder, and other actions
were justified -thus denying the Two Great Commandments to love God with all the heart and
your neighbor as yourself.
This self-elevated status was embraced and reinforced by much of the Gentile church in the
West, who neither searched the scriptures nor sought the Holy Ghost for truth to discern the
times and avoid deception. Neither would they heed the voices of Arabs and Africans who
attempted to tell them the European Judaics were not the descendants of the people they
claimed to be of.
Now Gentile Christians face an awkward awakening, but hopefully, also an acknowledging of
the truth. The question for them is: with this new understanding, can they still love Jesus?
Before the white Western church answers, I would ask the question of I John 4:20..."for he that
loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?" Does
it disturb you that Jesus was a black Hebrew; of the stock of his brethren he prophesied would
be carried away captive to all nations? That at his appearing he will look nothing like the
despicable males and even females portrayed to instill a false image in the minds of both
Gentile converts and the descendants of his own people? Will you still rejoice to see his face
when he returns?
God said geographic Israel was to remain undisturbed and enjoy a sabbath rest until the end of
the age, because of the bloodshed and idolatry perpetrated on it by our forefathers. The Judaic
proselytes claimed to have the writings of Moses and the prophets, but they patently ignored
this directive from God in order to obtain the coveted land of Israel. Special privilege has served
the Judaic proselytes well on the world stage and enabled them to tread down a territory
reserved for the restoration of a people currently under divine chastisement.
But this present world is slated for fiery destruction and the earth will be shaken and the cities
of the nations will fall. No nation will be able to assist any other nation because the kingdoms
of this world will become the kingdoms of our Lord and his Christ and all nations shall serve
and obey him. At the close of the age, the Judaics will trade places with the chastened Hebrew
and will have to bow to both them and the ecclesia.
These are a few of the painful truths the traditional churches refuse to discuss with
their congregations.
Now, thus far we have discussed the true physical genealogical identity of 'Christs' own' that he
came to first - the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel'. But what about the spiritual Jew?
That being said, the spiritual body of Christ and the regathering of scattered Israel and
are not mutually exclusive. The reality of both is scripturally supported, and the
gathering of the Body of Christ to her Savior at His return takes place at the end of the age;
just as the regathering of the people to repatriate their land takes place at the end of the age.
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